Collocations = typical word combinations

We are able to generate a collocation database with words categorized by the type of grammatical relations, e.g. objects, subjects, modifiers etc. for any word in the languages. Such a database is important for language learning products and also for digital typing assistants designed to suggest to the users a possible replacement of the word with a more natural and idiomatically correct one.

Collocations are identified by the Word Sketch technology in Sketch Engine and supplied as a database download in a number of formats.

Our natural language processing API supports the retrieval of collocations in real time.

The first few collocations of the Spanish word problema together with frequency and strength of collocation value.

object of
resolver 179825 11.38
solucionar 116224 10.99
tener 401288 9.09
enfrentar 29200 8.82
haber 143262 8.75
causar 22885 8.41
plantear 21728 8.33
evitar 26164 8.3

Collocation database in these languages

Collocations for more languages can be made available or developed on request.

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