Good examples for dictionaries

Good examples for language learning

We have developed a functionality for identifying Good Dictionary Examples (GDEX) in order to automatically identify sentences which could serve as examples in dictionaries, text books or other language teaching materials.

The GDEX technology speeds up the process of dictionary writing or the development of teaching materials while keeping the authenticity of the language material high and accessible to the user.

In the most typical scenario, the customer supplies a list of words for which GDEX should be generated. An agreed number of examples for each word is then generated and supplied back to the customer as a download in an agreed format.

An example of sentences identified as Good Dictionary EXamples candidates of the word argue.

The overall picture was a mess, it was argued .
They may yell a lot, argue, and get into fights.
The solution was three-fold, she argued.
No one is arguing that we don’t need HTML forms!
Do you commit a terrific deal of your time together arguing and rehashing problems?

These sentences can be edited and used in dictionaries, coursebooks or language learning applications.