Thesaurus – database of synonyms and similar words

A synonym database or thesaurus data are important not only for lexicography (dictionary writing) but are immensely useful in a language learning scenario or for writing suggestion applications.

Synonym database for search solutions

Thesaurus is also important for text search solutions so that the search results include similar words, not only the keyword inputted by the user.

Our synonym databases for each word are sorted from the most similar to the least similar word and can contain a virtually unlimited number of synonyms although it is more sensible to set a cut-off limit and download only the most valuable items.

The synonym retrieval is supported by our NLP API.

The first few synonyms of the English word argue together with a similarity value.

# Corpus: English Web 2013 (enTenTen13)
# Lemma: argue
# Frequency: 1269171

discuss 0.392
agree 0.362
fight 0.35
advocate 0.347
concern 0.345
claim 0.343
question 0.343
disagree 0.341

Synonym database and thesaurus in these languages

We possess the expertise to develop a synonym database and thesaurus in a language of your choice.

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